We know sailing to be a sport that shapes attitudes and changes lives; but compared to other participation sports it can be one of the least accessible. The goal of the Sail School Project is to bring the sport of sailing to every primary school in the country.  We aim to present the diverse activities that sailing offers, to show that it is an active sport that anyone can do and to let parents know how their children can learn to sail.


This is what we do...

  • We make 2 or 3-day visits to UK primary schools with a sailing simulator, two sailing coaches, and a programme of sailing themed activities
  • We use a sailing simulator to explain the basics of how to steer a boat and how the wind drives a boat through the water
  • Our coaches aim to give every child a chance to sail on the simulator  -  our message is that sailing is a sport that anyone can do
  • We aim to provide teachers with lesson plans and activities to demonstrate the science behind the sport of sailing, and to illustrate the ways in which explorers, pirates, armies and businessmen have used sailing ships to shape our way of life
  • We introduce children and parents to their local sailing clubs and their junior sailing programmes


The Sail School Project and Your School...


  • Sail School visits are free of charge. All costs are covered by our sponsors or by the donations of time and effort of our coaches and friends
  • From an individual school we need three things: an invitation from the Head Teacher and the support and participation of the staff
  • There are some logistics as well: for instance our simulator needs a space in the school hall or gym

You can be part of the Sail School Project...

There are things we have...

  • We have a founding sponsor who will provide us with a sailing simulator at cost
  • We know what we want to achieve  -  and we have a plan on how to achieve it

...and things we don't yet have...

  • We don't have sufficient funding for more than a few weeks
  • We don't yet have a community of professional teachers helping us to develop ideas and lesson plans



Project Sponsorship...

At present we have two sponsors  -  Fibre Mechanics and Signal Locker Ltd. our founding partner, who run the sailing simulators that we will use during our school visits.  This enables us to get started.  But to achieve our goal we are looking for sponsors at four levels:

PROJECT TITLE SPONSOR......   There are about 25,000 primary schools in the UK-  about 30% are located within a few miles of an established club junior sailing programme. It is a significant undertaking to visit each of these with two qualified coaches, a simulator and a programme of sailing themed activities. We need a title sponsor to cover the majority of the costs.

LANDFALL PARTNER......  Companies or individuals who can sponsor a school visit in their local area.

PROJECT PARTNER......  People able to offer practical help -

  • Teachers who can devise and donate lesson plans, and ideas on how to strengthen the sailing theme of our visits 
  • Transport, equipment loan, video/photography, accommodation for our coaches, etc. 

FREINDS……   Facebook and Instagram supporters!

If you would like help at any level, please call………..





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